Vernon Ward

Vernon Ward
Alias:Vernon “de” Beauvoir Ward
Figure painterLandscape painterPortrait painterPainter

Born in England in 1905, artist Vernon Ward committed his boyhood surroundings to memory and, eventually, to canvas. Primarily done in oil, Vernon Ward paintings reflect life in Cornwall as the 19th century turned. Still life, landscape, and portraiture were all parts of Ward’s portfolio, with his subjects shifting from people to waterfowl to floral pieces.

Attention to detail and the ability to capture atmosphere through natural light brought Vernon Ward the artist to the world’s attention. Those elements are all the more amazing considering he was blind in one eye. Despite a nervous breakdown late in his career, Ward was able to carry on and have his first solo exhibition at King Street Galleries in 1976. Vernon Ward paintings prices remain moderate despite his success, and are affordable to a broad audience.

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