Armington, Caroline

Caroline H. Armington- born in Brampton, Ontario in 1875 and died 1939 in New York City.

Armington trained in Paris at the Académie Julian where she met and married, Frank Milton Armington (1876-1940). She is known for her paintings, etchings and watercolors depicting the streets of Paris. Armington developed her original style from her travels in Europe. The viewer can catch a feel the influence that French Impressionists had on her canvases. Armington’s etchings and engravings are unique in style and approach. She produced many etchings of scenes in and around France, Europe and North America using a more basic style than in her paintings.

Armington exhibited in London and was invited to the Paris Salon of 1911, 1912 and later at the 1935 Salon d’Automne. Caroline Armington was a member of American Federation of Arts.

La Rue aux Juifs a Rouen 1923