100 –Ensberg, Knud

Born on Aug. 22 nd 1911 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Knud Edsberg is a famous, listed and well-known Danish artist.

Edsberg was one of the best in painting horses and cows, which were his favourite motifs. He made his debut at the Spring Exhibitions of Charlottenborg in 1935 with a painting of his mother. Edsberg�s excellent technique as naturalist combined with his highly developed picturesque observation gave him in short time recognition as portrait and animal painter. As a result he has painted hundreds of portraits of important persons in industry, local authorities and national authorities. During the years he has been represented in several private and public collections. As an example he has 48 portraits at the Carlsberg Museum.
Knud Edsberg is considered one of the last naturalistic painters left who were capable of taking over from the Golden Age of Danish Art. His paintings with motifs from his own country are invaluable for future generations.

Since 1945 Edsberg was permanent exhibitor at the Union of National Art.

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