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Edwards, David J.

EDWARDS, David J. (1944 - ). Born in Essex, England, Edwards immigrated to Canada in 1957, residing first in Toronto, Ontario, before moving to Calgary, Alberta, in 1960. He had an art gallery in Calgary, and later in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was also a fine art restorer. A landscape, floral still-life and semi-abstract painter, he works in acrylic and uses both brush and palette knife. Although largely self-taught, his early more representational style was influenced by the work of John Constable, while his later work shows the influence of French minimalist, Nicolas de Stael. He lives in Vancouver.

Biography courtesy of The Collector's Dictionary of Canadian Artists at Auction: Volume IV: S-Z

South of Edison Mykonos Whites Solitude Fields of France Flowers Solitude In the style of De Stael Flowers in Vase