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Hartley-Robinson, C.

Corinne Hartley-Robinson, born in Halifax, has her roots in Nova Scotia, but has traveled extensively, sampling the arts and culture of many countries -- hence the eclectic subject matter of her work. From 1986 through 1989, the artist lived and worked in Singapore, undertaking commissioned work during that time and taking the opportunity to visit both Thailand and Sumatra. A professional graphic designer, she has been involved in fine art for over twenty years. It is her travel experiences which have afforded her chief inspiration... especially those in Latin America. The artist has been a frequent visitor to Costa Rica, but has also spent time in Panama, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico and Trinidad. Personality, particularly as reflected in faces and locations, has emerged as a dominant theme. People going about their everyday activities are favored subjects, as are everyday sights within the artistís accustomed environment, though portrayed in slightly unfamiliar aspects.

Trypitch Painting the Past Hot Chillies The Day Before War Still Life, Mango and Mac Spanish Lady Morning Catch Position is Everything Lady In Red Hat House Hat Weaver Bar Musician